Why File Converter from Movavi is the best for Mac

Macintosh and iPad users consume a high amount of media content. We store a lot of media on our computers and tablets and are often running out of space. Most of the space on our devices is consumed by the videos. Videos, unlike any other media can take up gigabytes of storage, so it makes sense in compressing those videos and other media formats so that they take up less space.

Why File Converter from Movavi is the best for Mac

The best way to do it by encoding those media files into formats that consume less space. For instance, you can compress an entire DVD of around 4 GB into a 700MB-900MB MP4 file using a software like Movavi Video Converter. This is a file converter for mac and PC and it supports almost all audio and video codecs including AVI, MPEG-4, MOV, FLV, MKV, MP3, FLAC and more.

The software maker claims that their newer version is around 81 times faster than the previous version. This is chiefly due to the fact the newer variant makes use of hardware encoding and decoding feature of the Mac to speed up the conversion process. Other than videos, you can also convert audio and images files from one format to another.

Using the Movavi Video Converter for Mac is very easy. First get the installation file from the official website. Since you are using it on a Mac, you will get a DMG file. Simply drag and drop it on to the Application icon to install the app. Start the app and click on the big plus button to start adding files. Feel free to add multiple files and folders as the software supports batch processing.

Now you should select the encoding format which can selected in “Convert to” field. To keep the file size small and quality high, I suggest selecting MP4 H.264 – HD 720p from the drop down list. This way you will have no problem in running the files on Mac, PC or any other mobile device including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or any other android phone.

Just below the “Convert To” button is a destination field. Click on the browse button to select the folder of your choice. Make sure it has enough free space. If you leave it blank, then the default output folder is selected which is same as the input folder. Now that we have specified all the settings, click on the Convert button to start the conversion process. It should not take much time since the Movavi Video Converter is super fast in converting videos.