How to Backup or Transfer Data from iPhone to Computer

When your cell phones get changed or lost, all the data like messages, contacts, photos stored in the phone disappear as well. Such awful things are plaguing large numbers of mobile phone users.

In this situation, you will have to rebuild the lost data one by one. It is really a vast and annoying project. In fact, using the computer in our daily life, in order to avoid losing data due to unexpected computer problems, we always back up important data inside the computer. So handling a mobile phone, we should develop the habit of regular backups of important data in order to avoid the accidental phone data loss.

How can we backup our iOS data better and faster? Up to now, as the technology allowed there are three methods available to backup contents from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to computer. For Apple fans, both iTunes and iCloud servers provide easy and reliable backup solutions. Adopt specific method according to different circumstances. If there is no computer or cable at hand, iCloud backup is absolutely your best choice. Because it enables you backup phone data wirelessly and automatically. Basically, if you tend to connect your iOS devices to computer or Mac frequently, it is better to make a recent backup when using iTunes with the synchronous function.

In addition to the automatic backup solutions the above-mentioned, at present, most of the mobile phone management tools have data backup features. But they are different slightly in the contents and the speed of the backup. Among so many choices for iPhone backup tools, the truly worthy of recommendation is Vibosoft iPhone to Computer Transfer. This transfer program can break the iOS closed system and achieve perfectly data transmission between iPhone, iPad or iPod and your PC/Mac. The data include messages, contact numbers, music, photos, movies, books, memos and more…This tool operates at a fast speed and with high transfer quality. It completely supports all iOS devices and is designed two versions for Windows and Mac users. This program doesn’t destroy the original files in the process of transference. It is worth mentioning that Vibosoft iPhone to Computer Transfer allows you export to your computer or directly export to iTunes library as you like. See easy steps to export music from iPhone to iTunes library.


When you transfer data from iPhone to computer with Vibosoft iPhone to Computer Transfer, at the first beginning you just need do some simple preparation work: Download and install the program on your PC or Mac. Run it and plug your device into computer. Successfully you turn into this interface:


Then follow the user guide step by step: Guide on Transferring Music from iPhone to Computer. At last, tap “export” button on the top, you will get the specific backup files on your personal computer.

Each backup solution has its own advantages and disadvantages. In most cases, we recommend to rely on this professional Vibosoft iPhone to Computer Transfer to do iPhone data backup. Just choose the one which is the best for you.