Create your own iPad wallpaper today with free tools

I am one of those who do not like the way iOS 7 automatically crops the photo when it is set as wallpaper. The main reason is the fact that significant portions of the pictures are cut off. Apple iPad has its own wallpaper size and thus the best idea is to use a software that lets you crop a picture nicely.


One such application is Wallpaperio iPad Maker. This app lets you create wallpapers from pictures and photos to let you personalize your iPad.

Wallpaperio can read myriad image formats – jpg, gif and png and lets you resize them so that they look perfectly on your iPad’s screen. The application is available for both Mac and Windows platforms.

There is another app called Wallpaper Fix but this one costs $0.99. Wallpaper Fix lets you zoom in and out an image to produce great results. For those who do not know, iOS 7 handles wallpapers differently compared to previous iterations. While you can disable parallax to reduce the magnification of pictures, it does not completely solve the problem.

This is one area when where applications like Wallpaper Fix are gaining lot of traction as their web developers have already fixed this issue. Funny thing is Apple is yet to address this issue.