Best photo editing program for Mac

Granted that there are a lot of image editing applications out there but let us be honest, not all of them are user friendly. Infact, when one hears about the term “image editor”, one thinks of a very complex and hard-to-use app. That is why our friends created this app called Movavi Photo Editor that is so easy to use that even a non-computer expert can use it.
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Just spend a couple of moments with the app and you will feel like a professional photo editing guru. You will adore its one click image quality enhancement feature called Magic Enhance that instantly beautifies any given picture with single mouse click. If you want to do advance stuff, you can play with myriad image adjustment controls like brightness, hue, temperature, tint, shadows, highlights, gamma and exposure.

You can decrease or increase a particular effect by moving the slider in left or right direction. So, if you want to increase the brightness, move the slider to the right and if you want to decrease it, move the slider to the left. Something you don’t like, click on the Undo button and if you want to restart from scratch, click on “revert to original” button. All the effects are applied to the image instantly so there is no waiting. What you see is what you get.
Movavi Photo Studio review

It is also possible to add watermarks, captions and text with this Movavi photo editing software. This is very useful if you are planning to share the pictures with your family and friends. Other useful features include cropping, flipping, rotating and straitening images. You can compress existing images using this software to free up space. If you have a lot of images stored on your computer, you can use the compression feature to free some space up.
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One very useful feature is object and background replacement. In latter, you select the main object that you want to keep using green marker. Then use the red marker to mark the area you want to remove. Movavi photo editor will now trace your subject and allow you to swap the background with new one – just remove the background and replace it with one you like.

Object removal is similar but in this case, you remove the object instead of the background. So if you want to remove an unknown person that got into your picture, you can use the object removal tool to get rid of him.