8 pin Male to 30 pin connector lets you use older iPad accessories

The Apple iPad was launched in 2010 and back then, it came with 30 pin connector. This same connector was being used in all iPhones and iPods. It was axiomatic that Apple would go with the 30 pin connector in the iPad too. The company used the same connector in two more generations of its tablet until iPad 4 was launched and it came equipped with a 8 pin connector which is more commonly known as lightening cable. This created a huge problem for those who had bought accessories made for first, second or third generation iPad.


Fortunately, there is a cheap accessory that solves this problem. Called the 8 pin male to 30 pin female connector, it acts as a convertor for converting the older 30 pin connector into latest lightening type connector. The best thing about it is that it not only lets you use old accessories with the latest iPad but also supports USB data transmission that allows one to sync and charge the tablet.


This is a boon for the tablet users who had bought tons of cables for their iPad but were not able to use them since the newer models started using the new connector. You can buy this 8 pin male to 30 pin female connector from gearbest.com for $2.46.


It weighs mere 15 grams and measures 2 x 1.5 x 1 cm / 0.79 x 0.59 x 0.39 inches. Its manufactures offers it in four colors, black, pink, purple and blue. Gearbest.com which sells myriad of other great iPad accessories at their website promises to dispatch this lightening to 30 converter within 3-5 days from the day you order. You can also use it with iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus since they too make use of the same connector and previous generation iPhone devices made use of the 30 pin connector.