Official Galaxy Note 5 Wallpapers are great for Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air has 2048×1536 resolution and since the new Galaxy Note 5 has higher resolution than former, it is perfect for our iPad screens. The Note 5 wallpapers has 2560 x 2560 pixel resolution and they look absolutely amazing on our screens.

galaxy note 5 official wallpapers

Here are all the six wallpapers that came bundled with the Note 5.  Click on them to start the download.

official-galaxy-note-5-wallpapers-1 official-galaxy-note-5-wallpapers-2official-galaxy-note-5-wallpapers-3 official-galaxy-note-5-wallpapers-4official-galaxy-note-5-wallpapers-5 official-galaxy-note-5-wallpapers-6

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