Matching your iPad case with iPad wallpaper

Are you the one that likes to match their wallpaper with the color of the case of of their iPad? If you are one of those people, no need to fret as we at wallpaper iPad are here to help you find the best matching wallpaper for your needs.

Matching your iPad case with iPad wallpaper

We have made a collection of plain wallpapers that will look great with any iPad case you use.

Black Case – if you use a black iPad case, these dark wallpapers would look absolutely fantastic on its display.

black ipad wallpaperblack ipad high resolution wallpaper

White case – instead of going with a plain white wallpaper, how about using some abstract iPad wallpapers?

white ipad wallpaper white abstract ipad wallpaper

Pink wallpaper

Pink wallpaper ipad pink ipad wallpaper

Blue wallpaper

blue ipad wallpaper plain blue ipad wallpaper  abstract high resolution ipad wallpaper blue ipad wallpapers

Grey wallpaper

grey high resolution ipad wallpaper grey pattern ipad wallpaper

Red case – We really would not recommend using a plain red wallpaper as it would cause too much strain on your eyes. So consider using these wallpapers.

red ipad wallpaper  red black ipad wallpaper